A Garden of Memories

I remember, I remember
The garden at my grandma's house,
Where honesty and nettles grew
With ferns, rhubarb and the odd mouse!
I remember, I remember
Goldenrod and Solomon seal;
The nettles where my brother fell
Then smeared with calamine, to heal.
My mum remembers the garden
As a pleasant place to play
Fish, newts and frogs swam in the pond,
Her dad's shed as a hideaway.
She remembers, she remembers
Rabbits and chickens roaming free,
'Til the potatoes were lifted
Then skinned and eaten for tea!
She remembers, I remember
London Pride, and a rambling rose;
Marguerites with large white petals
But no place set aside to doze.
I remember, I remember
Kinloch's bakery was next door.
The tall trees and meadow remain,
But the shop and house are no more. 
I took some plants, dug up some fern
When the house granddad built was sold.
They took root and each Spring emerge
With treasured memories, like gold.

Published by poetdoesarun

I started running 14 years ago to help manage anxiety and depression and found the endorphins helped me in another way...to write my sermons for Sunday.... and then inspiration came for poetry. A Christmas present 2017 was a book by Jo Bell, challenging the reader to write a poem a week for a year. This blog showcases these and other poems composed on the run.

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