Scratching the Surface

Beneath the soles of trainers and boots, Under the rubber tyres and padded paws, The sand and gravel, stone and dust Is pressed and beaten, levelled flat. A walker’s highway, a circuit for runners Where the beeps of fitbits join the mix Of blue tits and warblers and LBJs, And a returning cuckoo announces Spring.Continue reading “Scratching the Surface”

Margaret Thatcher

She was the honourable Margaret to the right,But to the left, as Margaret ThatcherVilified and infamously renowned forBeing the primary school milk snatcher.A humble grocer’s daughter from GranthamA tory in thought, words and deeds.Rising through the ranks to becomePrime Minister with a strict capitalist creed.For eleven years, this Iron LadyGagged the unions and trampled theContinue reading “Margaret Thatcher”

Small and Powerful

If you think you’re too small to make a differenceYou haven’t spent the night with a mosquito;Not the mossies that irritate and biteLeaving swollen red spots in unlikely placesBut their tropical blood sucking cousins That arise from swamp and stagnant pools. Not the mossies famed in the Scottish IslesArising in clouds and hovering above headsButContinue reading “Small and Powerful”

Letter to Karl Marx on the bi-centenary of his birth

Happy birthday, the workers heroThe one the capitalists fear, soHere’s a letter from a socialist fanWho waves the flag whenever she canBecause capitalism continues to failThe proletariat and inequality prevails.You said it would not be simpleTo take control without a struggle.But you must turn in your graveWhen recession hits hard and they’reSold off the gas,Continue reading “Letter to Karl Marx on the bi-centenary of his birth”