Letter to Karl Marx on the bi-centenary of his birth

Happy birthday, the workers heroThe one the capitalists fear, soHere’s a letter from a socialist fanWho waves the flag whenever she canBecause capitalism continues to failThe proletariat and inequality prevails.You said it would not be simpleTo take control without a struggle.But you must turn in your graveWhen recession hits hard and they’reSold off the gas,Continue reading “Letter to Karl Marx on the bi-centenary of his birth”

The First Time

I peered through the belfry trap doorMy eyes met his eyes, across the floor.In a whirlwind yearThe future was clearAnd we promised to love ever more. Thirty years on….I peer through the conservatory doorI see him with grey hair galore.Despite his hard viewsOn the current world news,It’s him I still love and adore.


Starting as a laughNonsense replaced correct words -“Open the carrot!”She lost her car keys,Then glove, scarf and knowing smile.Her sparkle dimmed.A well-worn door key,Familiar and yet baffling,Lay in her hand.She started to speak,Confident and sure until,A word hovered ….. out of reach.She saw him approach,Wide smile, arm embraced but,His name evaded her.Brake lights brightly lit.Left,Continue reading “Lost”


“Come to me,” the teacher saidTo the woman at the well.”Then your thirst will be quenched, Your hunger cease.Heaven is yours, fear not hell.Water turns the desert a green hueBrings new life and makes all things new.” “Long life and good health,” the master saidTo the Buddhists in Japan,”Comes from drinking matcha, green and hot,Then ponderContinue reading “Tea”

Everything Changed

Into the waterwarm as bloodshe stepped,she lay,she crouchedon hands and knees.Belly full and tightstretched around the life within. This precious lifecreated from love.A piece of hersoon to beapart from her. Deep breaths,muffled groans,bearing down,a cloud of goreand Everything changedat her nativity.The cord that bound,sinewy and blue,throbbed with life.Emerging,lungs inflating,oxygen circulating. She breathed out a cryof separation,ofContinue reading “Everything Changed”

High Street Pantoum

Wellingborough High StreetIs a cultural hotch-potWhere west and east meetIn a plethora of small shops. First in the pot, the take awayIndian bargees and vindaloo.A glut of shops shut in the dayOpening later for the nightclub queue. Hot Indian curries and shish kebabRub shoulders with a sleek nail bar.The night club windows looking drabNext toContinue reading “High Street Pantoum”